Devolution inquiry hears from MLAs and interest groups

Northern Ireland Affairs Committee explores solutions to democratic deficit in Northern Ireland

Welsh academics discuss impact of Brexit on trade

Welsh Affairs Committee examines options for future trading relationships

Statement: Northern Ireland update

Statement made by Northern Ireland Secretary in the Commons

Government should learn from Bombardier crisis to safeguard UK businesses

Northern Ireland Affairs Committee publishes report into Boeing's complaint against Bombardier

Options for Assembly reform examined

Northern Ireland Affairs Committee explores options for sustainable government

More devolution

Title Date
National Assembly for Wales hosts devolution and Brexit discussion 05.02.2018
Karen Bradley MP questioned by Northern Ireland Committee 31.01.2018
Lords debates role of devolved administrations in Brexit 26.01.2018
Committee visits Dublin, Belfast and Derry/Londonderry for UK-Irish relations follow up 25.01.2018
Civil Service chiefs on governance in absence of Executive 24.01.2018
Ministers give evidence on UK-Irish relations follow up 19.01.2018