Title Date
Major consultation by Parliament on "A new Magna Carta?" 10.07.2014
PM's powers need more clarity 24.06.2014
Journalists questioned on implications of Scottish independence 19.03.2014
Lords question Alistair Carmichael and Lord Wallace of Tankerness 12.03.2014
Academics questioned on constitutional implications of Scottish independence 05.03.2014
Former top Scottish Judge questioned on Scottish independence impact 12.02.2014
Prime Minister and DPM must set out new rules for when Ministers disagree 12.02.2014
Role of judiciary if there were a codified constitution evidence 09.01.2014
Role of the judiciary if there were a codified constitution 05.12.2013
Former First Ministers and Cabinet Secretaries questioned on coalition government 04.12.2013
Lords debate Parliament's role in approving the use of armed force 28.11.2013
Lords take evidence on how the Coalition works 27.11.2013
Constitution Committee take evidence from former Ministers on coalition government inquiry 06.11.2013
Lord Steel and Lord Morgan give evidence on coalition governments 23.10.2013
MPs hear evidence on Parliament’s role in conflict decisions 17.10.2013
Lord Donoughue and Lord Norton give evidence 09.10.2013
Government unclear on need for Commons approval to arm Syrian rebels 24.07.2013
Lords hear from former Chiefs of the Defence Staff 05.06.2013
Government must do more to explain its reasons when it pre-empts Parliament 01.05.2013
Succession to the Crown Bill: Lords report stage 14.03.2013