Central government

Prime Minister updates the House of Commons on Brexit negotiations

Boris Johnson updated MPs on Brexit negotiations and the Irish backstop

Lords debates five Northern Ireland reports

Members discuss resolutions in NI Executive Formation Act

Restoration and Renewal Bill: Consideration of Lords Amendments

MPs examine the Parliamentary Buildings (Restoration and Renewal) Bill

European Union (Withdrawal) (No. 6) Bill proceeds to Royal Assent

Both Houses agree to final text of the Bill

Sustainability of government procurement examined

Committee asks what action the government needs to take to achieve its net zero emissions target by 2050

More central government

Title Date
Parliamentary Buildings (Restoration and Renewal) Bill: Lords third reading 06.09.2019
Northern Ireland (Executive Formation etc) Bill returns to the Lords 23.07.2019
New inquiry asks 'can increased devolution boost England’s cities and regions?' 12.07.2019
Urgent question on the resignation of the UK Ambassador to US 11.07.2019
UK Government considers wide-ranging devolution reform, following Committee report 10.07.2019
Improvements needed to law-making process says Committee 08.07.2019