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Health experts questioned on future pandemic threats 
Science and Technology Committee examines the threat posed by superbugs and antimicrobial resistance compared against other diseases with the potential to become a pandemic
17 June 2022
What's on in the Lords 20-23 June
Find out what happened in the House of Lords from 20-23 June
17 June 2022
Lords debates the pig farming industry in England
Members discuss the state of the pig farming industry in England on Thursday 16 June
17 June 2022
Lords debates the location of both Houses of Parliament
Members discuss the case for both Houses of Parliament to continue to be co-located in the same city. Catch up
17 June 2022
Inquiry examining geothermal technologies launched
Environmental Audit Committee to look at the role geothermal technologies can play in the UK’s journey to net zero
16 June 2022
Private Members’ Bills presented to Parliament as MPs attempt to make their mark on the law
The Presentation of Private Members’ Bills took place today in the House of Commons Chamber
15 June 2022
Procedure and Privileges Committee publishes Second Report
The Procedure and Privileges Committee publishes its 2nd Report
15 June 2022
Procedure and Privileges Committee publishes First Report
The Procedure and Privileges Committee publishes its 1st Report
15 June 2022
Committee examines whether current local journalism business models are sustainable
Due to other Parliamentary business, the session on sustainability of local journalism will not now take place today as scheduled. 
15 June 2022
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Joint statement from the House of Lords and House of Commons Commissions
Joint Statement by the Commons and Lords Commissions
14 June 2022
Committee launch Post-Brexit regulatory divergence inquiry
European Scrutiny Committee launches an inquiry into regulating after Brexit
14 June 2022
Independent Expert Panel recommends suspending Patrick Grady MP for sexual misconduct
The Independent Expert Panel (IEP) has today (14 June) published a report recommending that Patrick Grady MP is suspended from the House of Commons for two days for a breach of Parliament’s Sexual Misconduct Policy
14 June 2022
UK-EU diplomacy: Committee to question UK’s EU Ambassador on work in Brussels
Committee to question the UK’s ambassador to the EU, Lindsay Croisdale-Appleby
14 June 2022
Flight cancellations session: Confirmed witnesses and timings
Committee to question British Airways, TUI, and easyJet chiefs, and a Government Minister
13 June 2022
Westminster Hall to hold a general debate on the Inshore Fishing Fleet
MPs to hold a general debate on the Inshore Fishing Fleet
13 June 2022
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