Northern Ireland

Title Date
Future of the land border with the Republic of Ireland 23.11.2016
Land border with Republic of Ireland examined with Academics 16.11.2016
Committee visits Belfast and Dublin for Brexit: UK-Irish relations inquiry 14.10.2016
Northern Ireland Secretary of State questioned on Brexit and other responsibilities 14.09.2016
Renewables industry in Northern Ireland questioned 09.06.2016
Northern Ireland and the EU referendum key issues 26.05.2016
Lords examines Northern Ireland Stormont Agreement Bill 29.04.2016
Brexit impact on agricultural funding examined 16.03.2016
This week in the Commons: 7 - 11 March 11.03.2016
Northern Ireland (Stormont Agreement and Implementation Plan) Bill: Commons remaining stages 10.03.2016
Northern Ireland political parties questioned on EU referendum 07.03.2016
International Women's Day 2016 events with the UK Parliament 01.03.2016
This week in the Commons: 26 February 2016 26.02.2016
EU referendum impact on Northern Ireland explored with academics 02.02.2016
Queen's University Belfast academics questioned on Human Rights Act repeal 22.01.2016
Tourism bodies and NI finance Minister questioned in Stormont 19.01.2016
Constitution Reform Group gives evidence on the Union and devolution 11.01.2016
Secretary of State questioned on outcome of spending review 08.12.2015
Campaign groups give evidence on the Union and devolution inquiry 24.11.2015
Chairman visits Belfast to discuss vision for EU reform 20.11.2015