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International politics and government

International politics and government news from UK Parliament.

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Lords debates UK-Japan Trade Agreement
Members discuss new Comprehensive Economic Partnership
27 November 2020
Private international law bill returns to the Lords
Members consider powers to regulate
20 November 2020
Global Health Security inquiry launched by Foreign Affairs Committee
The Foreign Affairs Committee launches an inquiry into Global Health Security
16 October 2020
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Extradition (Provisional Arrest) Bill completes passage through both Houses
The bill will become law following Royal Assent
15 October 2020
House of Lords portcullis
Lords debate Parliamentary scrutiny of treaties
Lords debates reports from three committees on scrutiny of international agreements
04 September 2020
UK still has no coherent strategy for engaging with Africa
International Relations and Defence Commitee publishes report ino the UK's relationship with Sub-Saharan Africa
10 July 2020
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Lords questions government on cancelled operations and more on 10 June
Watch from 11am on Parliament TV
09 June 2020
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Lords considers human rights in Hong Kong
Members debate new Chinese security proposals
05 June 2020
Lords debates international response to Covid-19
Global reaction to pandemic under spotlight
19 May 2020
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African responses to the COVID-19 pandemic
The International Relations and Defence Commitee takes evidence virtually on 15 May 2020 at 10.00am
13 May 2020
Lords examines emergency Covid-19 legislation
Coronavirus Bill becomes law
26 March 2020
Lords discusses Covid-19 impact on Hong Kong citizens
Members debate government support under Sino-British Declaration
20 March 2020
Lords debates UN Sustainable Development Goals
Members discuss reduction in road traffic accidents
20 March 2020
Foreign Secretary gives update on travel advice during COVID-19
Dominic Raab, Foreign Secretary, updates the House on Covid-19
17 March 2020
Lords debates future UK-EU relationship
Spotlight on EU Committee report on negotiations
17 March 2020
Total results 199 (page 5 of 14)