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International development

International development news from UK Parliament.

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Extreme debt pressures in low-income countries requires global action, says International Development Committee 
Committee publishes report on Debt relief in low-income countries
10 March 2023
Hands off UK aid for the world’s poorest and most vulnerable countries, demands the International Development Committee
Committee publishes report on Aid spending in the UK
02 March 2023
Lords debates relationship between the UK and India
Members discuss strengthening future collaboration. Catch up
20 January 2023
MPs will debate the Select Committee Statement: Fourth Special Report of the International Development Committee
MPs to debate the Fourth Special Report of the International Development Committee
16 January 2023
Lords debates aid spending
Members debate the governments approach to Official Development Assistance spending. Catch up
16 December 2022
Extreme poverty: A girl in South Sudan is more likely to die in childbirth than finish secondary school
Committee publish their report Extreme poverty and the sustainable development goals
13 December 2022
The Moses Room in the House of Lords where Grand Committee business is conducted
Three short debates in the Lords
Members quiz government on tropical diseases, UK artists on tour in the EU and Ukrainian refugees. Catch up
06 July 2022
Lords debates Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting
Members discuss 2022 meeting in Rwanda and the future of the Commonwealth. Catch up
30 June 2022
Nigeria is a global strategic partner for UK, say MPs
Foreign Affairs Committee publishes report on Nigeria and the Integrated Review
29 April 2022
Lords International Women's Day debate
Members discuss the UK's role in furthering gender equality. Catch up
18 March 2022
UK-India trade negotiation inquiry launched by Lords Committee
The International Agreements Committee (IAC), has launched an inquiry into the UK-India trade negotiations.
28 January 2022
Mass displacement of people on agenda in Lords debate
Members discuss UN High Commissioner for Refugees’ estimate that 82.4 million people are displaced worldwide. Catch up
07 January 2022
Lords debates Ukrainian Navy agreement
Members discuss framework agreement for official credit support for naval development and capability. Catch up
06 January 2022
Total results 143 (page 1 of 10)