Human rights

Lords discusses Windrush Compensation Scheme

Members debate government plans to recompense deported citizens

Lords examines emergency Covid-19 legislation

Coronavirus Bill becomes law

Lords discusses Covid-19 impact on Hong Kong citizens

Members debate government support under Sino-British Declaration

Lords debates UN Sustainable Development Goals

Members discuss reduction in road traffic accidents

How is climate change affecting developing countries and what actions should the government take?

Dry river bed

The External Affairs Sub-Committee takes evidence on 12 March 2020 at 10.05am

More human rights

Title Date
Tulip Siddiq MP asks urgent question on British citizens in foreign prisons and Coronavirus 02.03.2020
Lords debates policy and topical issues 26.02.2020
Lords debates building a safer, cleaner and fairer world 31.01.2020
How should the UK cooperate with the EU on development policy after Brexit? 28.01.2020
Lords debates political unrest in Hong Kong 25.10.2019
Lords EU exit regulations: 23 October 24.10.2019