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Europe news from UK Parliament.

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Lords debates support for Ukrainian refugees
Members discuss government plans. Catch up
07 April 2022
Treasury Committee publishes report on ‘Defeating Putin: The development, implementation and impact of economic sanctions on Russia’
The Treasury Committee warns Russia that it is heading towards economic catastrophe, but that its invasion of Ukraine will have a significant economic impact on the cost of living in the UK.
23 March 2022
Support for Ukrainian refugees: Clive Betts calls on Lord Harrington to set out support for refugees
The correspondence follows questions from Clive Betts, LUHC Chair at the recent Home Affairs evidence session.
22 March 2022
Treasury Committee examines impact of Russian energy sanctions and effect on cost of living
Committee examines impact of Russian energy sanctions and effect on cost of living
11 March 2022
Lords questions government on Ukraine
The House of Lords continues to press the government on its response to the invasion of Ukraine through questions, debates and legislation. Learn more
10 March 2022
Treasury Committee investigates effectiveness of economic sanctions on Russia
The Treasury Committee launches inquiry on the effectiveness of Russian economic sanctions at 1pm on Monday 7 March
03 March 2022
House of Lords members in the chamber as they debate the situation in Ukraine. Some members are wearing yellow and blue
Lords debates Russia / Ukraine
The House of Lords debates the situation in Ukraine. Catch up
25 February 2022
image of a protest
Lords debates growth of autocratic regimes
Members consider impact on global democratic norms and UK response. Catch up
04 February 2022
Foreign Affairs Committee takes evidence on the Russia-Ukraine crisis
On 1 February the Foreign Affairs Committee holds a one-off evidence session on the Russia-Ukraine crisis
28 January 2022
EU and UK flags
Committee publishes Government response to Brexit divorce bill report
MPs called on the Government to swiftly address the matter of the Horizon Europe research programme
27 January 2022
Lords debates Ukrainian Navy agreement
Members discuss framework agreement for official credit support for naval development and capability. Catch up
06 January 2022
Bosnia-Herzegovina's constitution on agenda in Lords debate
Members debate the importance of Bosnia-Herzegovina's constitutional integrity and upholding the Dayton peace agreement. Catch up
17 December 2021
Lords debates international development
Find out more about the Lords debate on the government's announcement of a new development strategy for the UK. Catch up
17 December 2021
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