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Australasia news from UK Parliament.

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Government economists and experts questioned on Australia and New Zealand trade deals
International Trade Committee examines the impact assessments for the Australia and New Zealand trade deals
21 March 2022
UK-New Zealand trade negotiations inquiry reopened by Lords committee
Following the publication of the text of the signed UK-New Zealand trade agreement, the House of Lords International Agreements Committee has reopened its inquiry into the negotiations.
15 March 2022
Animal welfare under the microscope as MPs scrutinise Australia trade deal
Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Committee explores the impacts of the UK-Australia free trade agreement
03 March 2022
Australia deal’s impacts on environment and level playing field scrutinised
International Trade Committee examines the environmental, labour, gender and development impacts
01 March 2022
International Trade Committee to scrutinise New Zealand deal
The Committee has put out a call for evidence for the new inquiry.
01 March 2022
International Trade Committee explores impact of Australia deal on UK manufacturers and services
MPs may also use the session to consider the impact of temporary freedom of movement
07 February 2022
MPs examine impact of free trade deals on Northern Ireland food and farming
The Committee will hear from representatives of the food and agriculture sector in Northern Ireland.
24 January 2022
Lords debates AUKUS nuclear agreement
Members debate new deal for exchange of Naval Nuclear Propulsion Information. Catch up
18 January 2022
Lords debates international development
Find out more about the Lords debate on the government's announcement of a new development strategy for the UK. Catch up
17 December 2021
International Trade Committee launch inquiry on Trade and Foreign Policy
In a new inquiry on Trade and Foreign Policy, the Committee will examine its foreign policy and trade agreement strategy.
06 December 2021
Ymgysylltiad parhaus â Llywodraeth Cymru a diogelu amaethyddiaeth Cymru
y Llywodraeth yn ymateb i ASau ar effaith y Cytundeb Masnach Rydd rhwng y DU ac Awstralia
25 November 2021
Continued engagement with Welsh Government and safeguards for Welsh agriculture
The Government responds to Welsh Affairs Committee report on the impact of UK-Australia FTA
25 November 2021
Global South: Lords debates shortage of COVID-19 vaccines
Members discuss implications for global public health. Find out more
10 September 2021
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