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Asia news from UK Parliament.

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MPs to hold a debate on a motion on UK-Taiwan friendship and cooperation
MPs to hold a debate on a motion on UK-Taiwan friendship and cooperation
07 February 2022
image of a protest
Lords debates growth of autocratic regimes
Members consider impact on global democratic norms and UK response. Catch up
04 February 2022
UK-India trade negotiation inquiry launched by Lords Committee
The International Agreements Committee (IAC), has launched an inquiry into the UK-India trade negotiations.
28 January 2022
Foreign Affairs Committee publishes further whistleblower written evidence on Nowzad
The evidence includes copies of internal emails between Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office (FCDO) staff
26 January 2022
Foreign Affairs Cttee question Ministers for Afghanistan inquiry
Ben Wallace, Secretary of State for Defence, and Lord Ahmad, Minister for South Asia, are among those that will appear
24 January 2022
Lords debates international development
Find out more about the Lords debate on the government's announcement of a new development strategy for the UK. Catch up
17 December 2021
International Trade Committee launch inquiry on Trade and Foreign Policy
In a new inquiry on Trade and Foreign Policy, the Committee will examine its foreign policy and trade agreement strategy.
06 December 2021
Lords debates Uyghur population in China
Members discuss reported claims of genocide in Xinjiang, China. Catch up
26 November 2021
Global South: Lords debates shortage of COVID-19 vaccines
Members discuss implications for global public health. Find out more
10 September 2021
Foreign Affairs Committee launches inquiry on UK policy towards Afghanistan
Committee launches its inquiry into the future of UK policy towards Afghanistan following the international military withdrawal
03 September 2021
Reaction to humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan
Chair responds to humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan
16 August 2021
House of Lords chamber during a debate
Four short debates in the Lords
Members debate student exchange, cadet forces, human rights and elections in Belarus. Catch up
22 July 2021
Report: The UK Government's Response to the Myanmar Crisis
The Foreign Affairs Committee publishes its report “The UK Government's Response to the Myanmar Crisis”
16 July 2021
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