Lords debates international response to Covid-19

Global reaction to pandemic under spotlight

Lords discusses Covid-19 impact on Hong Kong citizens

Members debate government support under Sino-British Declaration

Ministers questioned on the refugee crisis at the Turkish-Greek border

Joanna Cherry QC MP asked ministers to outline support for refugees at the border between Greece and Turkey

Lords debates policy and topical issues

Members discuss trade, accounting, Indian citizenship and Traveller communities

Health Secretary gives update on Wuhan Coronavirus

Matt Hancock MP has made a statement on the Wuhan Coronavirus

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Title Date
The Foreign Secretary updates MPs on UK telecommunications 28.01.2020
Matt Hancock MP makes statement on Wuhan Coronavirus 23.01.2020
Lords debates political unrest in Hong Kong 25.10.2019
Urgent question as Hong Kong protests continue 18.06.2019
Statement on Hong Kong following violent protests 13.06.2019
Urgent question asked on the impact of the Hong Kong Extradition Bill 10.06.2019