Lords debates impact of ivory trade on endangered species

Image of elephant's trunk and tusks

Peers discuss cultural heritage of antique ivory

Urgent Question on the situation in Zimbabwe: 15 November 2017

Question asked by Kate Hoey in the Commons

DFID’s response to the global learning crisis examined

International Development Committee hold final evidence session on DFID's work on education

MP debate the conflict in Yemen

On 28 March MPs debated and approved a motion in the House of Commons Chamber

Backbench Business Committee weekly meeting 21 March 2017

Watch live as MPs put forward a case to debate their selected subjects to the Backbench Business Committee

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Title Date
Backbench Business Committee weekly meeting 14 March 2017 13.03.2017
Department's strategy on use of private contractors examined 20.02.2017
HIV/AIDS global strategy and response examined 24.01.2017
Security situation in the African Great Lakes region debate 15.12.2016
South Sudan humanitarian crisis and conflict examined 13.12.2016
Democratic Republic of Congo education and healthcare examined 01.12.2016