Lords EU exit regulations: 7 February

Members discuss wireless telegraphy and credit rating agencies

Lords debates Healthcare (International Arrangements) Bill

Image of stethoscope

Peers discuss data security and protection for UK citizens

Lord debates NHS long-term plan

Members discuss case for integrated health and care system

More detail requested on access to medicines ‘no deal’ preparations

EU Home Affairs Sub-Committe writes to the Health Secretary about access to medicines in the event of no deal

Mental Capacity (Amendment) Bill: Lords third reading

Peers discuss wishes of cared-for persons

More medicine

Title Date
Lords debates Immigration Health Charge 29.11.2018
NI's Chief Medical Officer questioned on health trends and cancer strategy 28.11.2018
Committee writes to Health Secretary about no deal preparations 21.11.2018
Lords debates 40 years of in vitro fertilisation 14.09.2018
Lords debates NHS and healthcare data 05.09.2018
Lords debates 70th anniversary of the NHS 06.07.2018