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Mental health

Mental health news from UK Parliament.

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Lords debates levelling up of opportunities for children
Members debate the education and health of children of the UK affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Catch up
18 June 2021
Four short debates in the Lords
Climate change targets, ethnicity and child poverty, neurological services and perpetrators of genocide are in the Lords spotlight. Find out more about Thursday debates in May
28 May 2021
Committee asks what long-term support parents and families will need as result of pandemic
COVID-19 Committee takes evidence at 9.45am on Tuesday 27 April
21 April 2021
Young people give evidence to MPs on their experiences of mental health services
The session focuses on the case for prioritising early intervention and prevention approaches
16 April 2021
New Children’s Commissioner questioned on improvements needed to mental health services
The session will assess the current state of children’s mental health services and what more needs to be done to improve them.
22 March 2021
Education Committee to question Government’s Youth Mental Health Ambassador Dr Alex George
Committee to question Dr Alex George on the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on young people’s mental health
10 March 2021
MPs seek evidence on mental health services offered to children and young people
Committee launch a new inquiry on mental health services for children and young people
29 January 2021
Committee asks what our increasingly digital lives will mean for our mental health
COVID-19 Committee takes evidence at 10:00am on 15 December
10 December 2020
A photograph of the neo-gothic Palace of Westminster with Big Ben clock tower next to Westminster Bridge, with red buses crossing the bridge
MPs to debate a petition relating to deaths in Mental Health care
MPs to debate a petition relating to deaths in mental health care
25 November 2020
MPs to hear experiences of NHS and social care staff and the impact on their mental health during pandemic
MPs will investigate the toll of burnout and excessive workload on the mental wellbeing of NHS and care staff
13 November 2020
Westminster Hall to hold a general debate on mental health support for frontline staff
On Thursday 8 October MPs will hold a debate on the mental health support for frontline staff in Westminster Hall.
05 October 2020
Restrictions on disabled people’s rights must not become the new normal
Women and Equalities Committee publish Unequal impact? Coronavirus, disability and access to services interim report
25 September 2020
Changing the perfect picture: what can be done about poor body image?
Women and Equalities Committee examines what can be done about poor body image
23 September 2020
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