Health services

Title Date
Lords debates medicinal safety 01.03.2019
Self-care and mental health focus of Government's new education guidance 25.02.2019
Government questioned on Employment and Support Allowance underpayments 25.02.2019
Commons holds general debate on the NHS Ten Year Plan 19.02.2019
Committee examines Department for Health and Social Care's Kark report 12.02.2019
Committee examine ethical and practical challenges of immersive technologies 12.02.2019
Commissioning and delivery of sexual health services examined 05.02.2019
Lord debates NHS long-term plan 01.02.2019
Lords debates local authority services 25.01.2019
Health and Social Care Committee examines availability of Okambi and other cystic fibrosis drugs on the NHS 24.01.2019
Minister for Suicide Prevention questioned on report recommendations 22.01.2019
Committee hears from Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman and PHSO Chief Executive in annual scrutiny session 22.01.2019
Lords debates digital technology and young people 18.01.2019
This week in the Commons: Friday 18 January 2019 18.01.2019
Health and Social Care Secretary questioned on NHS Long Term Plan 15.01.2019
NHS questioned on care of people with learning disabilities and/or autism 09.01.2019
Matt Hancock outlines new prevention-focused NHS long-term plan 07.01.2019
Have your say on the Mental Capacity (Amendment) Bill 19.12.2018
Four short debates in the Lords 18.12.2018
Access to health services and the role of the church in rural areas examined 18.12.2018