Health services

Lords debates economic lessons of Covid-19

Members consider measures to repair UK economy

Policy bodies and think tanks discuss lessons for public services after coronavirus

Public Services Committee takes evidence on Wednesday 3 July at 3.00pm

What lessons for UK public services from the coronavirus pandemic?


Peers launch first probe into lessons for public services from COVID-19.

COVID-19: the role of modelling in UK response

Lords Science and Technology Committee takes evidence on Tuesday 2 June at 10.00am

Lords debates international response to Covid-19

Global reaction to pandemic under spotlight

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Title Date
Lords question government on Covid-19 and the prison system on 14 May 13.05.2020
Lords debates delivery of social and home care 24.04.2020
Lords discusses impact of Covid-19 on prisoners 24.04.2020
Lords oral questions on 23 April 22.04.2020
Health Secretary: "We are at the peak" 22.04.2020
Lords examines emergency Covid-19 legislation 26.03.2020