Health finance

Title Date
Nuffield Trust and academics speak on NHS funding and demand management 05.09.2016
Cuts to public health risks widening health inequalities 01.09.2016
NHS staffing levels: Lords debate 22.07.2016
Government shows 'striking poverty of ambition' on discharge delays 22.07.2016
Spending Review does not meet funding commitment for NHS's vision 19.07.2016
How can we ensure a sustainable future for the NHS? 19.07.2016
NHS facing tough decisions over spending on specialised services 15.07.2016
Government officials give evidence on NHS sustainability 12.07.2016
Interests of users must be paramount in new approaches to care 08.06.2016
Effective discharging of older patients from hospital examined 06.06.2016
No coherent attempt to assess headcount implications of 7-day NHS 11.05.2016
Westminster Hall debate on dementia and Alzheimer's disease 04.04.2016
Spending on healthcare examined at Salford NHS Foundation Trust 21.03.2016
Deepening concerns over financial future of national health service 15.03.2016
Brain tumour research funding inadequate and not given sufficient priority 14.03.2016
NHS Chief Executive questioned on impact of Spending Review 08.03.2016
Estimates day debates: The science budget and end of life care 02.03.2016
Impact of Spending Review on healthcare examined 19.02.2016
Reform of cancer drugs fund must consider benefits to patients 05.02.2016
Urgent Question on financial position of NHS Trusts: 1 February 2016 01.02.2016