Health finance

Title Date
NHS stuck in survival mode as focus remains on short-term fixes 27.03.2018
Experts questioned on long-term funding of adult social care 26.03.2018
Urgent Question on NHS staff pay 21.03.2018
Brexit negotiators urged to prioritise patient safety 21.03.2018
Government response on the Long-term Sustainability of the NHS published 20.02.2018
Innovative cancer treatments: Baroness Jowell questions government 26.01.2018
Secretary of State questioned on impact of Brexit for patients 23.01.2018
Funding system failing people with continuing healthcare needs 17.01.2018
Lords debates recruitment, retention and conditions of NHS staff 01.12.2017
Kidney and diabetes charities discuss reciprocal healthcare after Brexit with Committee 01.11.2017
Healthcare professionals and insurance representatives questioned on reciprocal healthcare post-Brexit 25.10.2017
MPs debate NHS pay 13.09.2017
Home Office and Nuffield Trust questioned on reciprocal healthcare after Brexit 12.09.2017
Lords debates UK departure from Euratom 21.07.2017
Urgent Question on adult social care funding: 6 July 2017 06.07.2017
Health Service Medical Supplies (Costs) Bill: Commons stages 28.04.2017
Health Service Medical Supplies (Costs) Bill returns to the Lords 27.04.2017
Long-term sustainability of NHS and Adult Social Care under threat 05.04.2017
Do people with learning disabilities get the care they need? 29.03.2017
NHS Sustainability Committee announces report publication date 27.03.2017