Health finance

Title Date
Lord debates NHS long-term plan 01.02.2019
More detail requested on access to medicines ‘no deal’ preparations 24.01.2019
Health and Social Care Committee examines availability of Okambi and other cystic fibrosis drugs on the NHS 24.01.2019
Health and Social Care Secretary questioned on NHS Long Term Plan 15.01.2019
State of mental health care funding in Northern Ireland examined 12.12.2018
Lords debates Immigration Health Charge 29.11.2018
NI's Chief Medical Officer questioned on health trends and cancer strategy 28.11.2018
Impact of Brexit withdrawal agreement on health and social care examined 27.11.2018
Committee hears from insurance and pension experts on social care funding 23.11.2018
Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman annual scrutiny for 2017/18 21.11.2018
Council squeeze blocking progress on health and care integration 19.10.2018
Options for increasing patient access to cancer drugs examined 12.09.2018
Lords debates NHS and healthcare data 05.09.2018
Effectiveness of NI Health Budget allocation examined 03.09.2018
NHS England must rethink outsourcing after contract shambles 25.07.2018
Lords debates 70th anniversary of the NHS 06.07.2018
Lords debates challenges facing disabled people 29.06.2018
Government and NHS must improve communication of health and care reforms 11.06.2018
Government must improve preventive care outside hospitals 08.06.2018
NHS England too slow to tackle misdirected correspondence 06.06.2018