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Health finance

Health finance news from UK Parliament.

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Busy House of Lords chamber
Short debates in the Lords
Members debate indefinite sentences, pharmaceutical research, careers in horticulture, corruption in the UK and the National Heritage Act 1983. Catch up
14 October 2022
The Moses Room in the House of Lords where Grand Committee business is conducted
Short debates in the Lords
Members discuss delays at airports, calls for a UK-wide constitutional commission, tree health, costs in management of respiratory infections and access to health services for people with neurological conditions. Catch up
10 June 2022
Parliament concludes scrutiny of Health and Care Bill
Bill becomes an Act of Parliament. Catch up
27 April 2022
Government response to calls for urgent action on mental health unacceptable, says Jeremy Hunt
Jeremy Hunt has called for action by the Health Secretary, Sajid Javid MP
17 March 2022
Challenges of staff recruitment to NHS and social care roles to be examined by MPs
MPs will examine the challenges of recruiting health and social care staff to relieve the pressure of endemic workforce shortages
25 February 2022
The future of the NHS to be debated by MPs
On Monday 31 January, MPs will debate a petition relating to the future of the NHS
27 January 2022
Lords debates Coronavirus Act 2020
Members debate the Act's provisions and regulations on self-isolation. Catch up
25 October 2021
MPs examine impact of outdated equipment on cancer treatment
The evidence session will take place on Tuesday 26 October at 9.30am
22 October 2021
Lords debates social care
Members debate the challenges following the pandemic, the effects of the Health and Social Care Levy and and the government's social care plans. Catch up
15 October 2021
Four short debates in the Lords
Climate change targets, ethnicity and child poverty, neurological services and perpetrators of genocide are in the Lords spotlight. Find out more about Thursday debates in May
28 May 2021
Four short debates in the Lords
Members discuss Body Mass Index, alcohol harm, COVID-19-related evictions and biodiversity emergency
23 April 2021
Lords debates Coronavirus Act powers one year on
Members debate the government's one-year report on the Coronavirus Act 2020 powers. Find out more
26 March 2021
Committee Chair Jeremy Hunt criticises failures that ‘make a mockery’ of NHS workforce planning
Separate criticism for ‘inadequate’ responses to urgent recommendations on patient care and staff wellbeing
30 November 2020
Total results 106 (page 1 of 8)