Drugs misuse

Committee hears about social care schemes for problem drug users

Committee meet researchers, former drug users and current problem drug users, to understand their experiences of drug treatment services

MSPs to examine routes into problem drug use

Committee explore the causes of problematic drug misuse in Scotland

Adverse childhood experiences and mental health are drivers of drug use, MPs told

As drug deaths increase, evidence links traumatic childhood and mental health issues to problem drug use

Lords EU exit regulations: 7 March

Peers discuss health qualifications, clinical trials and medical devices

Committee examines use and misuse of drugs in Scotland

Committee look into rising drug misuse in Scotland, and whether Edinburgh has sufficient powers to tackle the problem

More drugs misuse

Title Date
Lords debates medicinal safety 01.03.2019
Lords debates increase in violent crime 30.11.2018
Four short debates in the Lords 13.09.2018
Lords debates NHS and healthcare data 05.09.2018
MPs debate drugs policy 18.07.2017
Lord Coe questioned on blood doping allegations 13.11.2015