Four short debates in the Lords

Image of Lords chamber

Peers discuss homelessness, trends in addiction and full-time volunteering

Lords debates NHS and healthcare data

Peers discuss use of data to improve public health

Committees assess Government position on alcohol Minimum Unit Pricing

Committees hear from senior officials, charities, academics, the police and trade bodies

MPs debate tackling alcohol harm

On 2 February MPs debated tackling alcohol harm in Westminster Hall

EU Alcohol Strategy report debated

Debate on the EU Alcohol Strategy takes place on Wednesday 10 February

More alcoholism

Title Date
Government responds to EU Alcohol Strategy report 05.11.2015
EU Alcohol Strategy report published 06.03.2015
Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Public Health questioned on EU Alcohol Strategy 10.12.2014
Alcohol misuse experts and Advertising Association questioned on Alcohol Strategy 03.12.2014
Researchers and Advertising Standards Authority questioned on EU Alcohol Strategy 05.11.2014
Lords to question public health professionals on the EU Alcohol Strategy 29.10.2014