Lords EU exit regulations: 21 March

Members discuss railway licensing, health services and chemical safety

Lords EU exit regulations: 20 March

Peers consider agricultural policy, state aid and veterinary medicines

Lords EU exit regulations: 19 March

Members discuss animal feed and genetically modified food

Lords EU exit regulations: 14 March

Peers discuss mobile roaming, state aid and food imports

Lords EU exit regulations: 7 March

Peers discuss health qualifications, clinical trials and medical devices

More diseases

Title Date
Lords debates medicinal safety 01.03.2019
Lord debates NHS long-term plan 01.02.2019
Four short debates in the Lords 18.12.2018
Ebola response update from Minister for State 20.11.2018
Lords debates NHS and healthcare data 05.09.2018
Progress in tackling antimicrobial resistance examined 04.09.2018