Health services and medicine

What lessons for UK public services from the coronavirus pandemic?


Peers launch first probe into lessons for public services from COVID-19.

COVID-19: the role of modelling in UK response

Lords Science and Technology Committee takes evidence on Tuesday 2 June at 10.00am

Lords considers Covid-19 impact on museums and galleries

Members quiz government on support for historic buildings

Lords questions to government on 21 May

Support for the unemployed and hospital patient safety on the agenda

House of Lords questions government on 20 May

Members quiz the government on Covid-19 in a virtual session

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Title Date
Lords debates international response to Covid-19 19.05.2020
Matt Hancock MP gives update on Covid-19 response 18.05.2020
Lords question government on Covid-19 and NATO on 19 May 18.05.2020
Lords question government on Covid-19 and data protection 15.05.2020
Lords question government on Covid-19 and the prison system on 14 May 13.05.2020
Lords questions government on universal credit and the economy on 13 May 12.05.2020