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Exiting the European Union

Exiting the European Union news from UK Parliament.

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image of a police officer on duty
Loss of access to EU policing data post-Brexit concerning, Lords Committee finds
EU Security and Justice Sub-Committee publishes its report on Beyond Brexit: policing, law enforcement and security
26 March 2021
Trade in goods significantly harder under Brexit deal
The House of Lords EU Goods Sub-Committee has today published its report on what the EU-UK Trade and Cooperation Agreement (TCA) means for trade in goods.
25 March 2021
Lords agrees to Commons Trade Bill compromise
Lords accepts compromise on Parliament's scrutiny of trade deals with states accused of committing genocide. Find out more
24 March 2021
Committee seeks government view on EU tax transparency initiative
The European Scrutiny Committee publishes documents considered by the Committee on 17 March 2021
23 March 2021
European Union Committee publishes series of reports on the Trade and Cooperation Agreement
The EU Committee is this week publishing a series of five reports looking beyond Brexit to the UK’s future relationship with the EU, as established in the EU-UK Trade and Cooperation Agreement.
22 March 2021
Complex institutional framework of the UK-EU future relationship examined by EU Committee
European Union Committee publishes report on looking beyond Brexit and future relationship between the UK and EU.
22 March 2021
Retail and hospitality sectors questioned on impact of NI Protocol 
The Northern Ireland Affairs Committee examines the impact of the NI Protocol, particularly for consumers and small businesses
15 March 2021
Lord Frost questioned on the operation of the Protocol on Ireland/Northern Ireland and unilateral measures announced by the Government
The European Union Committee has today written two letters to Lord Frost, Cabinet Office Minister with responsibility for the UK’s institutional and strategic relationship with the EU, on the operation of the Protocol on Ireland/Northern Ireland
11 March 2021
Northern Ireland Human Rights Commission questioned on citizenship and passport processes
The Northern Ireland Affairs Committee examines the assessment of current UK nationality law in the context of the Belfast (Good Friday) Agreement
08 March 2021
Committee report on EU transport policy and potential rule change on clotted cream
European Scrutiny Committee publishes documents considered on 24 February 2021
02 March 2021
Mark Drakeford appears before Welsh Affairs Committee
Wales’ First Minister to discuss intergovernmental relations
01 March 2021
Mark Drakeford i ymddangos gerbron y Pwyllgor Materion Cymreig
Prif Weinidog Cymru ’i drafod cysylltiadau rhynglywodraethol
01 March 2021
Seafood and meat producers questioned on teething problems at the border
The Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Committee examines seafood and meat exports to the EU
25 February 2021
Post-Brexit Channel Tunnel sovereignty and safety solutions recommended
Committee publish report - Brexit: The future operation of the Channel Tunnel Fixed Link
23 February 2021
Academics and trade experts questioned on Brexit and the Northern Ireland Protocol
Northern Ireland Affairs Committee examines issues arising from the Northern Ireland Protocol and how they can be resolved
22 February 2021
Total results 1266 (page 6 of 85)