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Exiting the European Union

Exiting the European Union news from UK Parliament.

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Lord Frost gives evidence to Protocol Committee
Sub-Committee on the Protocol on Ireland/Northern Ireland takes evidence from Lord Frost
09 July 2021
MPs explore implications of Australian free trade deal for Wales’ agriculture sector
The Welsh Affairs Committee examinines the implications of the FTA for Welsh agriculture
09 July 2021
Law and trade experts present views on EU trade deal bodies
The European Scrutiny Committee examines the structure and powers of the bodies created to oversee the UK-EU trade deal
08 July 2021
Abolish UK citizenship fees for Irish nationals, say MPs
The Northern Ireland Affairs Committee publishes report on citizenship and passport processes relating to Northern Ireland
07 July 2021
Government Response to NI Cross-Border Security Co-operation Report Published
The Northern Ireland Affairs Committee has published the Government’s response to its report on Cross-border co-operation on policing, security and criminal justice after Brexit.
05 July 2021
EU proposals could hit £9bn UK machinery exports
The European Scrutiny Committee publishes documents considered by the Committee on 23 June 2021
29 June 2021
Puppy smuggling and live animal exports: Ministers to be questioned
MPs hold final evidence session of their inquiry into Moving animals across borders
24 June 2021
Secretary of State questioned on Protocol and Stormont reforms
Northern Ireland Affairs Committee also looks at data protection and data adequacy with the EU
18 June 2021
Minister questioned on NI Protocol
Northern Ireland Affairs Committee examines the progress of negotiations with the EU
14 June 2021
Committee hears from fashion industry on impact of UK-EU trade deal
Digital, Culture, Media and Sport Committee considers what barriers remain to cultural exchange between the UK and EU
08 June 2021
Loyalist perspectives on the NI Protocol
Committee to continue its examination of loyalist perspectives of the Northern Ireland Protocol
07 June 2021
Committee publishes Government response to Trade Remedies report
The International Trade Committee publishes the Government’s response to its report on UK trade remedies policy.
28 May 2021
Decisions of the Petitions Committee, 18 May 2021
The Petitions Committee considered all e-petitions which had, before 13 May 2021, had reached over 10,000 signatures and received a Government response. The Committee also considered a number of e-petitions with over 100,000 signatures that were awaiting debate.
19 May 2021
Committee welcomes EU science cooperation
European Scrutiny Committee publishes documents considered by the Committee on 12 May 2021
18 May 2021
Lord Dunlop and Michael Gove questioned on the Dunlop Review
Four select committees hold a joint evidence session
18 May 2021
Total results 1266 (page 4 of 85)