Exiting the European Union

Title Date
Committee hears from UK and EU citizens ahead of October deadline 02.07.2019
European Scrutiny Committee launches inquiry examining post-Brexit scrutiny of EU law and policy 02.07.2019
Committee examines legal implications of asylum cooperation after Brexit 02.07.2019
House of Lords agrees changes to Committee membership 01.07.2019
Parliament needs a bigger role in scrutinising international agreements 27.06.2019
Human rights protection at risk after Brexit warns Committee 27.06.2019
Impact of no-deal departure on UK services industries discussed by Committee 25.06.2019
Brexit and State aid: British Steel case discussed 20.06.2019
Committee to host networking event for farmers and agriculture journalists 18.06.2019
Urgent question on EU/British Citizens' rights 18.06.2019
Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster David Lidington MP questioned by EU Committee 17.06.2019
Application process sped up for agricultural workers 14.06.2019
Impact of no-deal departure on UK pharmaceutical, chemical, higher education and research sectors examined 13.06.2019
European Union Committee reports on two trade agreements 12.06.2019
Cross-party motion on Brexit, tabled by the Opposition, is defeated 12.06.2019
Evidence session on future UK-EU asylum cooperation 12.06.2019
Committee hear from key sectors of UK economy on impact of no-deal departure 11.06.2019
Justice Minister questioned as part of Rights after Brexit inquiry 11.06.2019
2018–19 Select Committee activity reviewed by Liaison Committee 10.06.2019
Inquiry into impact of welfare policy in Scotland launched 10.06.2019