Exiting the European Union

Title Date
Plans for future Defence co-operation with EU needs clarification 08.06.2018
Nuclear Safeguards Bill returns to the Lords 07.06.2018
Citizens' rights and Brexit examined 06.06.2018
Future of financial regulation and supervision post-Brexit report debated 05.06.2018
Andy Burnham questioned on Brexit and devolution 04.06.2018
Lords debate impact of Brexit on energy security 01.06.2018
Committee questions experts on future customs arrangements after Brexit 24.05.2018
Trade between the UK, Australia and New Zealand examined 23.05.2018
Committee explores data sharing post-Brexit 23.05.2018
Eliminating Gender Pay Gap post-Brexit examined in Committee's report 22.05.2018
Prospects for EU enlargement in Western Balkans examined 22.05.2018
Committee holds civil justice cooperation follow-up session on family law 22.05.2018
Serious concerns about post-Brexit nuclear safeguards raised by EU Committee 18.05.2018
Federation of Small Businesses gives evidence on future customs arrangements 17.05.2018
MPs debate Grenfell Tower and customs arrangements after Brexit 16.05.2018
Committee questions Minister on biosecurity and Brexit 16.05.2018
Expert witnesses give evidence on post-Brexit contractual continuity 16.05.2018
Minister for Agriculture, Fisheries and Food questioned 15.05.2018
Have your say on the Haulage Permits and Trailer Registration Bill 15.05.2018
Committee launches follow-up inquiry into civil justice cooperation post Brexit 15.05.2018