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Exiting the European Union

Exiting the European Union news from UK Parliament.

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Minister questioned on Northern Ireland Protocol and customs check plans
European Scrutiny Committee examines Government plans to disapply the Northern Ireland Protocol
25 April 2022
Government failure to tackle labour shortages will shrink food sector permanently, warn MPs
There can be no doubt about the seriousness of the issues facing the food and farming sector, warns EFRA Committee.
06 April 2022
Government needs to face up to its scrutiny obligations over EU legislation applying to Northern Ireland
Sub-Committee on the Protocol on Ireland/Northern Ireland publish report on scrutiny of EU legislative proposals
22 March 2022
Government proposals on retained EU law to be scrutinised by Committee
European Scrutiny Committee questions legal experts on Government proposals to create an ‘accelerated process’ to amend or repeal retained EU law
25 February 2022
Committee seeks clarity on EU proposals for medicine supply to Northern Ireland
The House of Lords Sub-Committee on the Protocol on Ireland/Northern Ireland writes to the Foreign Secretary seeking clarity on the EU proposals for medicine supply to Northern Ireland.
28 January 2022
MPs probe checks on food and animal imports from EU
Environment Food and Rural Affairs Committee announces a hearing into checks on imports from the EU of food and live animals
24 January 2022
Former UK and EU officials questioned on work of joint trade bodies
European Scrutiny Committee examines the internal workings of joint trade bodies
10 December 2021
UK steel industry among most exposed to EU carbon levy proposals
European Scrutiny Committee publishes documents considered on 1 December 2021
07 December 2021
Committee investigates interaction of NI Protocol with wider UK-EU trading relationship
International Trade Committee explores how the Protocol is being implemented
03 December 2021
Image of UK Parliament portcullis
Westminster Hall to hold a general debate on allocations to UK-EU fisheries following the UK’s departure from the EU
MPs to hold a general debate on allocations to UK-EU fisheries following the UK’s departure from the EU
26 November 2021
What will post-Brexit competition policy mean for business and consumers?
Business Committee questions Sir John Vickers on state aid and post-Brexit competition
25 November 2021
Rights and liberties of UK citizens must be protected in new EU travel rules, says Lords committee
The Justice and Home Affairs committee has published a letter to the Home Secretary and warned that the European Travel Information and Authorisation System (ETIAS) and the Entry/Exit System (EES) could have serious consequences in the UK and for the rights and liberties of UK citizens.
22 November 2021
Gibraltar Government questioned on prospects for a treaty between the EU and the UK 
European Scrutiny Committee explores Gibraltar’s position on the EU’s negotiating objectives
18 November 2021
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