European Commission

European Union (Withdrawal) (No. 6) Bill proceeds to Royal Assent

Both Houses agree to final text of the Bill

Academics and think tanks questioned on abolition of clock changes

old alarm clock

EU Internal Market Sub-Committee takes evidence at 10.30am on Thursday 5 September

Has the EU’s fish discard ban worked? Lords' Committee questions the fishing industry

The EU Energy and Environment Sub-Committee takes evidence from fishing organisations and the British Ports Association on the impact of the EU landing obligation

Lords examines European Union (Withdrawal) Act 2019

Peers vote on procedures to change EU exit day

Lords EU exit regulations: 27 March

Peers discuss Brexit delay and cross-border healthcare

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Title Date
The Brexit paradox: UK will need to increase its presence in Brussels significantly 25.03.2019
Lords EU exit regulations: 19 March 20.03.2019
Committee writes to DExEU Minister expressing concern over no deal preparations 16.01.2019
Emergency debate on UK-EU Brexit negotiations 18.12.2018
Lords debates Brexit deal 21.11.2018
Lords debates People's Vote on Brexit 26.10.2018