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Common Agricultural Policy

Common Agricultural Policy news from UK Parliament.

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Inquiry Launch: Environment and the Level Playing Field
The EU Environment Sub-Committee inquires into the Level Playing Field
15 June 2020
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Short inquiry launch: Agrifood and the Northern Ireland Protocol
The EU Environment Sub-Committee launches a new short inquiry
01 June 2020
Lords debates future UK-EU relationship
Spotlight on EU Committee report on negotiations
17 March 2020
Lords discusses green economy
Members debate investment to meet zero carbon targets
13 March 2020
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Lords EU exit regulations: 30 October
Animal welfare, agriculture, fisheries and rail safety on agenda
31 October 2019
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Lords debates joint committee on no-deal Brexit
Peers consider costs and implications of no-deal
04 July 2019
Minister questioned on future of Scottish agriculture after Brexit
Committee questions Scottish Rural Secretary Fergus Ewing, in final evidence session
10 May 2019
Lords EU exit regulations: 26 March
Peers consider chemicals, fishing and agriculture
27 March 2019
Lords EU exit regulations: 20 March
Peers consider agricultural policy, state aid and veterinary medicines
21 March 2019
Lords EU exit regulations: 19 March
Members discuss animal feed and genetically modified food
20 March 2019
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Committee consider funding and policy priorities for post-brexit Scottish agriculture
Questions will explore concerns from farmers over potential tariffs and quotas, and a UK-wide framework and devolved policy.
15 March 2019
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Lords EU exit regulations: 14 March
Peers discuss mobile roaming, state aid and food imports
15 March 2019
Who will make decisions about food safety after Brexit?
The EU Energy and Environment Sub-Committee takes evidence on Wednesday 6 March at 10.30am
04 March 2019
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