Common Agricultural Policy

Lords debates joint committee on no-deal Brexit

image of Union Jack and EU flags

Peers consider costs and implications of no-deal

Minister questioned on future of Scottish agriculture after Brexit

Committee questions Scottish Rural Secretary Fergus Ewing, in final evidence session

Lords EU exit regulations: 26 March

image of fishing trawler

Peers consider chemicals, fishing and agriculture

Lords EU exit regulations: 20 March

Peers consider agricultural policy, state aid and veterinary medicines

Lords EU exit regulations: 19 March

Members discuss animal feed and genetically modified food

More common agricultural policy

Title Date
Lords EU exit regulations: 14 March 15.03.2019
Committee consider funding and policy priorities for post-brexit Scottish agriculture 15.03.2019
Who will make decisions about food safety after Brexit? 04.03.2019
Lords debates People's Vote on Brexit 26.10.2018
Lords debates Brexit negotiations 24.07.2018
Clarity sought by Committee on post-Brexit food safety decisions 24.07.2018