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European Union

European Union news from UK Parliament.

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UK’s vital professional and business services overlooked in trade negotiations
EU Services Sub-Committee publishes report on professional and business services.
13 October 2020
Shared Prosperity Fund in NI to be examined by Committee
Committee to question experts on the replacement of EU structural funds with the UK Shared Prosperity Fund, after Brexit
12 October 2020
Ministers challenged on unresolved chemicals concerns
EU Environment Sub-Committee writes to Ministers with concerns on chemical regulation
12 October 2020
EU and UK flags
Post-transition plans for Channel Tunnel safety raise business continuity concerns
Committee publish report highlighting Channel Tunnel safety procedures after the post-Brexit transition period
07 October 2020
Academics questioned on future of UK-Ireland security co-operation after Brexit
Northern Ireland Affairs Committee examines post-Brexit future of cross-border policing and security
06 October 2020
Committee takes evidence from key industries in Wales
Welsh Affairs Committee hears from experts covering the steel, automotive and pharmaceutical industries in Wales
05 October 2020
Committee questions Michael Gove and Lord Frost
Committee on the Future Relationship with the European Union examines the state of play following the ninth round of formal talks
05 October 2020
Channel Fixed Link agreements and Energy Charter Treaty report published
The International Agreements Sub-Committee has published a report on four international agreements.
02 October 2020
MPs to debate petitions relating to the UK’s departure from the EU
MPs to debate petitions relating to the UK’s departure from the European Union
02 October 2020
‘Ychydig iawn’ o gynnydd gan Lywodraeth y DU i sicrhau cronfa amgen i gymryd lle nawdd yr UE yng Nghymru, meddai ASau
Pwyllgor yn cyhoeddi adroddiad ar ddisodli cyllid Strwythurol yr UE yng Nghymru
02 October 2020
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Scrutiny of EU law and policy: the Joint Committee and the Northern Ireland Protocol Evidence Session
Committee evidence session with the Paymaster General.
30 September 2020
Committee reports on application of quotas and continuation of EU firearms laws under the Northern Ireland Protocol
European Scrutiny Committee considers recent draft EU legislation and policy documents
30 September 2020
British expats in EU need “sufficient warning” from UK banks if accounts will be terminated
Treasury Committee Chair writes to the Financial Conduct Authority
29 September 2020
This Week in the Commons, 21–25 September 2020
Highlights from the Commons this week include the Prime Minister's update on the government's response to Covid-19 and the debate on the Overseas Operations (Service Personnel and Veterans) Bill. 
25 September 2020
UK trade negotiations with Australia and New Zealand examined
The International Trade Committee meet on 23 September on the UK’s Free Trade Agreement negotiations with Australia and New Zealand.
22 September 2020
Total results 1631 (page 17 of 109)