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European Union

European Union news from UK Parliament.

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Government officials to be quizzed on Brexit preparedness
Officials from HMRC and the Cabinet Office questioned on IT, VAT and business preparedness for when the Northern Ireland Protocol takes effect at the end of the year
30 November 2020
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Secretary of State questioned on border disruptions, fishing and farm support
Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Committee explores the work of DEFRA
30 November 2020
Progress urged so pharmaceutical grace period is not wasted
The Committee writes again to the Minister regarding pharmaceuticals and NI after 1 January 2021
26 November 2020
Committee announce scrutiny of COP26 & publication of report
On Tuesday 1 December, the Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy Committee will hold an evidence hearing on the Government’s leadership and preparations for the COP26 climate conference.
26 November 2020
Committee seeks urgent Ministerial hearing to address Channel Tunnel concerns
European Scrutiny Committee reiterates outstanding questions over plans for Channel Tunnel safety procedures
25 November 2020
Academics questioned on Scottish university research
The Scottish Affairs Committee examines the position of Scottish university research within the wider UK research landscape
23 November 2020
Appointment hearing on protections for Europeans in post-Brexit UK
The Justice Committee questions the Government’s preferred candidate
23 November 2020
Private international law bill returns to the Lords
Members consider powers to regulate
20 November 2020
Future of Financial Services inquiry launched
Treasury Committee looks at the future of financial services after the Brexit transition period ends.
20 November 2020
Post-Brexit nutrition rules require ongoing parliamentary scrutiny
Common Frameworks Scrutiny Committee writes to the Minister for Health
18 November 2020
Committee reports on future EU asylum policy, and how the EU’s Customs Union Action Plan could affect the UK
European Scrutiny Committee considers recent draft EU legislation and policy documents deposited in Parliament by the Government
17 November 2020
Cwnsler Cyffredinol Cymru Jeremy Miles yn rhoi tystiolaeth ar Brexit
Mae Pwyllgor Materion Cymru yn archwilio goblygiadau posibl trafodaethau masnach y DU-UE i Gymru
16 November 2020
Northern Irish businesses questioned as transition period draws to a close
Committee on the Future Relationship with the European Union examines how the end of the transition period will affect businesses in Northern Ireland
16 November 2020
Former Cabinet Secretary questioned on work of the Cabinet Office
Public Administration and Constitutional Affairs Committee examines the challenges faced in the role including managing relations between the Civil Service and Ministers
16 November 2020
Lords Committee emphasises importance of cooperation on North Sea energy development
EU Environment Sub-Committee writes to Minister for Business, Energy and Clean Growth, about North Sea energy cooperation and net zero
16 November 2020
Total results 1626 (page 14 of 109)