European Union

Committee hears evidence on Erasmus and Horizon programmes post-Brexit

EU Home Affairs Sub-Committee takes evidence on Wednesday 12 December at 10.40am

Has the ‘meaningful vote’ set a precedent for how Parliament approves treaties?

The Constitution Committee hears evidence on Wednesday 12 December at 10.30am

Opposition ask about Government's duty in the event of no deal

Urgent question from Yvette Cooper following Government's decision to defer the "meaningful vote"

UK withdrawal agreement: Lords debates Brexit deal

Baroness Evans of Bowes Park, Leader of the House of Lords.

House of Lords pauses debate on withdrawal agreement and future framework

Speaker grants emergency debate on the 'meaningful vote' deferral

MPs hold an emergency debate on the Government's management of the meaningful vote debate

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Title Date
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Minister quizzed on how he’ll implement the EU’s fish discard ban 11.12.2018
Brexit Secretary gives statement on Article 50 10.12.2018
Prime Minister gives statement on Brexit 10.12.2018
Brexit Committee’s united verdict on the Prime Minister's deal: Uncertainty, not clarity 09.12.2018
Committee warns of serious risk of security downgrade with PM’s deal 07.12.2018