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Pollution news from UK Parliament.

Minister quizzed on how a deposit return scheme can be rolled out
The Environmental Audit Committee examines the next steps for deposit return schemes
19 March 2021
Packaging sector and experts questioned on the introduction of deposit return schemes
The Environmental Audit Committee examines the next steps for deposit return schemes
12 March 2021
Academics and environmental NGOs questioned on water quality in rivers
The Environmental Audit Committee examines sewage discharges and other chemical and plastic pollution
04 March 2021
New inquiry: What role could ‘community energy’ play in decarbonising energy and heat?
Community Energy is the latest topic the Environmental Audit Committee (EAC) will investigate within the workstream considering technological innovation and climate change.
18 February 2021
Improving air quality should be 'at core' of post-pandemic rebuild
The Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Committee warns of air pollution's deadliness and its disproportionate impact on disadvantaged communities.
11 February 2021
Darren Jones, Business Committee Chair, comments on Energy White Paper
Chair's comments come in response to the Government's publication of a White Paper on cleaning up energy supplies, creating green jobs, and keeping household bills affordable, in its efforts towards achieving net-zero emissions
14 December 2020
Water Quality in Rivers inquiry launched
The Environmental Audit Committee wants to know how can water quality in UK rivers be improved and pollution minimised?
08 December 2020
Committee announce scrutiny of COP26 & publication of report
On Tuesday 1 December, the Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy Committee will hold an evidence hearing on the Government’s leadership and preparations for the COP26 climate conference.
26 November 2020
Natural England finances squeezed by Government making biodiversity protection challenging
Natural England has written to the Environmental Audit Committee
13 November 2020
How can the Government support economic recovery while improving air quality?
Committee to hold its final oral evidence session for its inquiry into Air Quality
12 November 2020
Committee examines tidal energy in the UK’s path to net-zero
Environmental Audit Committee considers the role of tidal energy in the UK’s low-carbon energy mix
09 November 2020
Committee explores the challenges of decarbonising the rail industry
Transport Select Committee holds first evidence session for its trains fit for the future? inquiry
05 November 2020
Committee Chairs Question Powers of Stop-Gap 'Independent' Environmental Regulator
Letter comes in response to Government delays to the establishment of the new regulator in holding the Government to account on environmental protections
23 October 2020
Trains fit for the future: Transport Committee returns to rail inquiry
Inquiry will examine the use of alternative fuels in contributing to achieving 'net zero' greenhouse gas emissions
22 October 2020
Image of UK Parliament portcullis
Lords examines secondary legislation
Border security and single-use plastics on agenda
13 July 2020