Marine protection

Ministers questioned on sustainable seas

Environmental Audit Committee examines the international marine conservation programmes and the Government’s forthcoming Ocean’s Strategy

Sustainable seas examined by Committee

Environmental Audit Committee explores explore the threat to the ocean from plastic pollution and social corporate responsibility

Seafood production and sustainability examined by Committee

Environmental Audit Committee examines seafood production, including UK regulations on aquaculture

Sustainable seas inquiry launched

Environment Audit Committee inquiry on the future of the sea

Water industry and the agricultural sector questioned on nitrates

Envronmental Audit Committee hears on respective roles and if more could be done to reduce pollution

More marine protection

Title Date
The UK needs a deposit return scheme for plastic bottles 22.12.2017
Lords debates natural environment and animal welfare 08.12.2017
Committee questions UK fishing industry representatives 15.11.2017
Inadequate Government response to Marine Protected Areas report 21.09.2017
Minister questioned on ocean acidification 20.03.2017
Brexit: fisheries report debated by Lords 10.01.2017