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Dissolution of Parliament

The dissolution of Parliament took place on Thursday 30 May 2024. All business in the House of Commons and House of Lords has come to an end. There are currently no MPs and every seat in the Commons is vacant until after the general election on 4 July 2024.

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Biodiversity news from UK Parliament.

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Animal Welfare (Livestock Exports) Bill undergoes Lords line by line scrutiny
Members discuss changes to the bill as committee stage examination wraps up. Catch up
15 March 2024
Animal Welfare (Livestock Exports) Bill debated in the Lords
Members discuss draft law to end exports of certain animals for fattening and slaughter in Great Britain. Catch up
22 February 2024
Threats to UK biodiversity at heart of Lords debate
Members discuss infectious disease threats to human, animal and plant health. Catch up
19 January 2024
How will the UK attract investors to support its nature positive future?
Committee launches a new inquiry on the role of natural capital in the green economy
31 July 2023
MPs’ inquiry commits to support “vital role" of tenant farmers
The vital role played by tenant farmers in England will be scrutinised in an inquiry
24 May 2023
Insect decline and UK food security to be examined by MPs
Science and Technology Committee launch inquiry on insect decline and UK food security
20 March 2023
Four short debates in the Lords
Members discuss COP15, mortality rates, Oak National Academy, and Zimbabwe. Catch up
12 January 2023
A busy House of Lords chamber looking towards the throne
2022 in the House of Lords
Catch up on a packed year in the Lords with 5,244 changes to 100 bills, plus questions and debates in over 3,350 hours of business.
19 December 2022
England needs a Land Use Framework, says Lords Committee
The House of Lords Land Use Committee has published its report, ’Making the most out of England’s Land’.
13 December 2022
Comment: WWF’s Living Planet Report
Chair Rt Hon Philip Dunne spoke of the "dire state of biodiversity around the globe" illustrated in the report.
13 October 2022
Comment: EA environmental performance report on water and sewerage companies
Environmental Audit Committee Chairman, Rt Hon Philip Dunne MP, makes a statement
14 July 2022
Comment: OEP launches investigation into the regulation of combined sewer overflows
Environmental Audit Committee Chairman, Rt Hon Philip Dunne MP, reacts to the announcement
28 June 2022
Foggy polluted sky
EAC welcomes ONS move to publish emissions statistics alongside GDP figures
The Chair of the Environmental Audit Committee, Rt Hon Philip Dunne MP, has written to the National Statistician.
28 June 2022
Total results 82 (page 1 of 6)