Lords debates plastic threat to the environment

Peers consider methods for improved recycling

Senior Government officials discuss Brexit impact on biosecurity

brown cattle family under a tree

EU Energy and Environment Sub-Committee takes evidence on Wednesday 9 May at 10.30am

Sustainable seas inquiry launched

Environment Audit Committee inquiry on the future of the sea

Lords debates natural environment and animal welfare

Image of cattle lying in a field under trees

Peers consider options for improvement

How have funding cuts affected the work of Natural England?

Natural Environment and Rural Communities Act 2006 Committee takes evidence on 5 December at 11.05am

More biodiversity

Title Date
Does the Government have an adequate biodiversity policy? 31.10.2017
Is the Government committed to protecting the natural environment? 10.10.2017
Minister questioned on ocean acidification 20.03.2017
Lords debates climate change 30.10.2015
Biotechnology and science policy experts give evidence on GM insects 09.10.2015
Government gets red card for wildlife protection, flooding prevention and air quality 16.09.2014