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Electricity news from UK Parliament.

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COP 26 Climate Summit - Business Committee evidence hearing
The Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) Committee will holds the latest session on COP 26
26 April 2021
Four short debates in the Lords
Members discuss Body Mass Index, alcohol harm, COVID-19-related evictions and biodiversity emergency
23 April 2021
Lords debates net zero emissions targets
Members debate case for integrated UK policy-making
22 April 2021
MPs urge Government to seize tidal power potential
Committee emphasises the substantial potential of the tidal power sector to contribute to the UK’s renewable energy mix
31 March 2021
New inquiry: What role could ‘community energy’ play in decarbonising energy and heat?
Community Energy is the latest topic the Environmental Audit Committee (EAC) will investigate within the workstream considering technological innovation and climate change.
18 February 2021
MPs to consider the merits and drawbacks of rolling out heat pumps
Committee announces that it will look at electrical, gas and hybrid heat pumps, marking the next phase of its Technological Innovation and Climate Change inquiry
12 October 2020
Chair comments on Prime Minister’s announcement on wind power
Environmental Audit Committee Chair reacts to the Prime Minister’s announcement on UK wind power
06 October 2020
Philip Dunne MP reacts to PM's speech at the UN Climate Action roundtable
Environmental Audit Committee Chairman, Philip Dunne reacts to the Prime Minister’s speech at the UN Climate Action Roundtable.
25 September 2020
Lords discusses green economy
Members debate investment to meet zero carbon targets
13 March 2020
Image of UK Parliament portcullis
Lords private members' bills
Energy and palliative care on agenda
10 February 2020
Lords discusses net zero carbon emissions target
Members debate UK Fires report 'Absolute Zero'
07 February 2020
Lords EU exit regulations: 23 October
EU elections, plant health and movement of services under spotlight
24 October 2019
Lords debates reduction in UK's greenhouse gas emissions
Peers consider net zero target
27 June 2019
Lords debates National Policy Statement for Water Resources Infrastructure
Peers consider 2018 government plan
12 April 2019
Image of UK Parliament portcullis
Lords EU exit regulations: 3 April
Animal and plant health and flying flags on agenda
04 April 2019
Total results 82 (page 4 of 6)