Lords EU exit regulations: 3 April

image of plants in a commercial greenhouse

Animal and plant health and flying flags on agenda

Lords EU exit regulations: 26 February

Image of electricity pylons

Members discuss gas supplies and electricity border trade

Lords EU exit regulations: 13 February

image of house roof under construction

Members discuss construction products and carbon capture

Lords debates climate change

Peers consider threat of rising temperatures

More electricity

Title Date
Lords debates local authority services 25.01.2019
Draft National Policy Statement for Geological Disposal Infrastructure report published 31.07.2018
Domestic Gas and Electricity (Tariff Cap) Bill returns to the Lords 19.07.2018
Domestic Gas and Electricity Bill: consideration of Lords amendment 18.07.2018
Lords examines Automated and Electric Vehicles Bill 14.06.2018
Lords debate impact of Brexit on energy security 01.06.2018