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Energy news from UK Parliament.

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What are Wales’ renewable energy opportunities?
Committee to question representatives of the renewable energy sector on the low-carbon power generation opportunities in Wales
02 March 2021
Role of hydrogen in achieving Net Zero examined
The Science and Technology Committee focus on the technical feasibility of hydrogen
25 February 2021
New inquiry: What role could ‘community energy’ play in decarbonising energy and heat?
Community Energy is the latest topic the Environmental Audit Committee (EAC) will investigate within the workstream considering technological innovation and climate change.
18 February 2021
Green Homes Grant voucher target would take over 10 years to meet
BEIS Minister, Lord Callanan admits that only 20,000 vouchers towards energy efficiency improvements have been issued out of the Government's target of 600,000
08 February 2021
Decarbonising heat in homes: first hearing and evidence published
The Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy Committee gives its first evidence session with academics and industry witnesses as part of its decarbonising heating in homes inquiry.
05 February 2021
Role of tidal power in the UK’s low-carbon energy mix examined
The Environmental Audit Committee examines the merits of tidal power and considers whether it can play a role in the UK’s commitment to be net-zero by 2050
21 January 2021
Future UK-EU relations: energy, environment and health call for evidence
EU Environment Sub-Committee launch inquiry on future UK-EU relations
11 January 2021
Committee examines the Energy White Paper
The Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy Committee examines areas such as net-zero and issues relating to costs and consumers and public engagement
08 January 2021
MPs turn up the heat on Government’s ambitions to install 600,000 heat pumps every year
Environmental Audit Committee Chair writes to energy minister Kwasi Kwarteng MP about heat pumps
21 December 2020
Darren Jones, Business Committee Chair, comments on Energy White Paper
Chair's comments come in response to the Government's publication of a White Paper on cleaning up energy supplies, creating green jobs, and keeping household bills affordable, in its efforts towards achieving net-zero emissions
14 December 2020
MPs to hold a general debate on the future of coal in the UK
MPs will hold a general debate on the future of coal in the UK in the Chamber
02 December 2020
Committee announce scrutiny of COP26 & publication of report
On Tuesday 1 December, the Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy Committee will hold an evidence hearing on the Government’s leadership and preparations for the COP26 climate conference.
26 November 2020
Renewable energy in Wales focus of new inquiry
The Welsh Affairs Committee launch an inquiry into renewable energy in Wales
23 November 2020
Prime Minister’s plan for 600,000 heat pumps scrutinised
What are the potential challenges that could hamper the Prime Minister’s plan for 600,000 heat pumps a year being installed?
20 November 2020
Chair comments Prime Minister’s 10-point plan
Chair reacts o the Prime Minister’s 10-point plan on the UK reaching net-zero carbon emissions by 2050
18 November 2020
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