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Energy news from UK Parliament.

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Sut y gall grid ynni Cymru fod yn barod ar gyfer sero net, o ystyried y cynnydd mewn cynlluniau adnewyddadwy yn y dyfodol?
Bydd y sesiwn yn archwilio goblygiadau materion yn ymwneud â chapasiti grid ar gyfer y sector ynni yng Nghymru, a sut y mae hyn yn effeithio ar dargedau sero net Cymru
22 April 2022
How can Wales’ energy grid become net zero ready for the increase of renewable projects?
MPs will explore the implications of grid capacity issues for the energy sector in Wales, and how this impacts Wales' net zero targets
22 April 2022
Energy pricing and the future of the energy market
Committee to take evidence from representatives from energy suppliers
14 April 2022
Foggy polluted sky
Quarterly stocktake on emissions, published with GDP figures, necessary to measure progress towards net zero
The Committee has published letters to the Chancellor of the Exchequer and to the National Statistician
06 April 2022
EAC calls for work on a unilateral CBAM to commence immediately
Committee publish their report on Greening imports: a UK carbon border approach
04 April 2022
Nuclear Energy (Financing) Bill completes passage through Parliament
Bill receives third reading in the Lords ahead of Royal Assent. Catch up
31 March 2022
Foggy polluted sky
Government greenhouse gas targets offer heavy emitters a free pass
The Committee has published a letter written to the Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, Rt Hon Kwasi Kwarteng MP
29 March 2022
Ofgem evidence reveals potential £2.4bn fallout from energy firm collapses
Energy providers could receive up to £2.4 billion for taking on the customers of firms that have collapsed since 2021
23 March 2022
Plastic waste exports scrutinised by EFRA Committee MPs
The Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Committee is holding an evidence session in its inquiry into plastic waste
17 March 2022
Y Pwyllgor Materion Cymreig i ddechrau derbyn tystiolaeth ar gapasiti grid yng Nghymru
Bydd y Pwyllgor Materion Cymreig yn cynnal y sesiwn dystiolaeth gyntaf yn ei ymchwiliad i Gapasiti grid yng Nghymru.
11 March 2022
Welsh Affairs Committee starts taking evidence on grid capacity in Wales
During this scene-setting session with industry experts, MPs will be exploring the implications of grid capacity issues.
11 March 2022
Government to act on Business Committee’s recommendations to rethink draft oil security bill
The Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy Committee publishes the Government's response to their Downstream Oil Resilience Bill report.
07 March 2022
UK will miss net zero target without urgent action, warns Lords committee
Industry and Regulators Committee publish 'The net zero transformation: delivery, regulation and the consumer'
04 March 2022
Minister questioned on mapping the path to net zero
Environmental Audit Committee explores the outcome of the Treasury’s Net Zero Review
03 March 2022
Lords debates energy national policy statements
Members discuss government's draft overarching national policy statement for energy. Catch up
23 February 2022
Total results 321 (page 3 of 22)