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Energy news from UK Parliament.

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Lords debates net zero emissions targets
Members debate case for integrated UK policy-making
22 April 2021
Abandoning GHG must pave way for improved energy efficiency scheme in Spending Review, says EAC
As Government announces an end to the Green Homes Grant scheme, EAC Committee writes to the Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy calling for clarity for contractors and homeowners
21 April 2021
Committee to hold third evidence session into decarbonising heat in homes
Committee to hold evidence session examining the costs associated with the decarbonisation of domestic heating
17 April 2021
The role of community energy in decarbonisation and its benefits to local areas to be considered by MPs
Committee to hold a one-off evidence session on community energy, as part of the umbrella inquiry on technological innovations and climate change
13 April 2021
MPs urge Government to seize tidal power potential
Committee emphasises the substantial potential of the tidal power sector to contribute to the UK’s renewable energy mix
31 March 2021
Net Zero impossible unless urgent action taken on energy efficiency this decade
The Environmental Audit Committee publishes Energy Efficiency of Existing Homes report
22 March 2021
Scotland’s green energy credentials examined ahead of COP26
Committee launches new inquiry into Renewable energy in Scotland
19 March 2021
Mineworkers’ Pension Scheme - BEIS Committee launch inquiry
Committee launches an inquiry examining the Mineworkers' Pension Scheme
18 March 2021
Local government and the path to net zero: new inquiry
The Housing, Communities and Local Government Committee has launched a new inquiry to examine the UK's strategy for meeting the 2050 'net zero' target at a local level.
16 March 2021
Ynni gwyrdd yng Nghymru: Cyfleoedd a rhwystrau
Bydd y Pwyllgor Materion Cymreig yn holi ystod eang o randdeiliaid ym maes datblygu ynni adnewyddadwy mewn sesiwn dystiolaeth ddydd Iau, wrth iddo barhau gyda’i ymchwiliad i ynni adnewyddadwy yng Nghymru.
15 March 2021
Green energy in Wales: Opportunities and barriers
The Welsh Affairs Committee will hear from stakeholders in renewable energy development as it continues its inquiry into renewable energy in Wales.
15 March 2021
Decarbonising heat in homes inquiry hears from energy companies
The Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy Committee will question energy companies, including from Octopus Energy, Vaillant, Cadent Gas and E-ON, with experience of installing or trialling low carbon heating technologies in homes.
12 March 2021
Beth yw’r cyfleoedd i Gymru ym maes ynni adnewyddadwy?
Committee to question representatives of the renewable energy sector on the low-carbon power generation opportunities in Wales
02 March 2021
What are Wales’ renewable energy opportunities?
Committee to question representatives of the renewable energy sector on the low-carbon power generation opportunities in Wales
02 March 2021
Role of hydrogen in achieving Net Zero examined
The Science and Technology Committee focus on the technical feasibility of hydrogen
25 February 2021
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