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Energy news from UK Parliament.

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Sizewell Nuclear Power Station
Lords debates the role of civil nuclear power
What is the role of civil nuclear power in meeting UK electricity needs and energy security? Catch up
10 December 2021
Business Committee publishes written evidence on Government’s infrastructure planning policies
The Committee publishes evidence submissions today from a range of businesses, trade bodies and organisations on the Government's revamped plans
07 December 2021
Three private members' bills in the Lords
Members discuss hereditary peers, cigarette health warnings and addition of environment to the national curriculum. Catch up
06 December 2021
Energy sector experts quizzed on Government's revamped infrastructure planning policies
The Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) Committee will hold the first evidence session of its new inquiry into the Government’s draft Energy National Policy Statements (NPS).
03 December 2021
What impact could a CBAM have on energy intensive sectors?
The Environmental Audit Committee is to host its second evidence session exploring carbon border adjustment mechanisms (CBAMs).
03 December 2021
No review of energy grid to future-proof for renewable projects
The Scottish Affairs Committee publishes the government's response to it's Renewable energy in Scotland report
01 December 2021
House of Lords Podcast: what comes after COP?
We discuss COP26, the environment and climate change this month with Baroness Bennett of Manor Castle and Baroness Parminter.
26 November 2021
Lords debates private members’ bills at second reading
Bills on age assurances online, onshore wind and coroners recording suicide factors. Catch up
22 November 2021
Lords debates COP26 outcomes
Debate on tackling the challenges of climate changes measures. Discover more
19 November 2021
Climate change - How can the Government get to ‘net zero’?
The Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) Committee publishes Net Zero Governance Inquiry written evidence
18 November 2021
Chair comment: Glasgow Climate Pact and COP26
Chair reacts to the Glasgow Climate Pact, agreed yesterday at COP26
15 November 2021
Business Committee question experts on Government’s Heat and Buildings Strategy
The Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy Committee holds an evidence session on their heat and buildings strategy
12 November 2021
Trees in a wood
Lords agrees improvements to Environment Bill
Members agree proposed compromises on courts' powers and reducing the impact of sewage discharges after asking the Commons to think again. Find out more
10 November 2021
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