Lords questions to government on 21 May

Support for the unemployed and hospital patient safety on the agenda

New inquiry: Energy efficiency of existing homes

Lack of energy efficiency measures for homes is the focus of new Committee inquiry

Is hydrogen a viable low-carbon energy source for the UK?

Committee launches a session exploring hydrogen production, distribution and potential application

Lords discusses green economy

Members debate investment to meet zero carbon targets

What next for international carbon markets?

EU Energy and Environment Committee takes evidence on Wednesday 11 March

More energy

Title Date
What does the EU's carbon border adjustment mean for the UK? 26.02.2020
Lords private members' bills 10.02.2020
Lords discusses net zero carbon emissions target 07.02.2020
Lords debates building a safer, cleaner and fairer world 31.01.2020
Lords EU exit regulations: 23 October 24.10.2019
Lords debates reduction in UK's greenhouse gas emissions 27.06.2019