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Climate change

Climate change news from UK Parliament.

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What is the future for net zero shipping and aviation? EAC explores with Ministers
MPs will be hearing more from industry on the development of zero emission flight technologies, and their evaluation of the support from  Government
12 May 2022
Committee launches Defence & Climate Change inquiry
Committee launches Defence & Climate Change inquiry
12 May 2022
MP examine how steel production can be decarbonised
Environmental Audit Committee examines the technologies currently being considered by the steel sector to decarbonise steel production
19 April 2022
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Quarterly stocktake on emissions, published with GDP figures, necessary to measure progress towards net zero
The Committee has published letters to the Chancellor of the Exchequer and to the National Statistician
06 April 2022
Nuclear Energy (Financing) Bill completes passage through Parliament
Bill receives third reading in the Lords ahead of Royal Assent. Catch up
31 March 2022
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Government greenhouse gas targets offer heavy emitters a free pass
The Committee has published a letter written to the Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, Rt Hon Kwasi Kwarteng MP
29 March 2022
Oral evidence session on critical national infrastructure and climate adaptation
Committee to take evidence on critical national infrastructure and climate adaptation
17 March 2022
Plastic waste exports scrutinised by EFRA Committee MPs
The Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Committee is holding an evidence session in its inquiry into plastic waste
17 March 2022
Key infrastructure regulators questioned on critical national infrastructure resilience
Joint Committee on the National Security Strategy examines critical national infrastructure and climate adaptation
25 February 2022
Lords debates energy national policy statements
Members discuss government's draft overarching national policy statement for energy. Catch up
23 February 2022
Urgently support land managers to adopt nature-based solutions for climate change
The House of Lords Science and Technology Committee publishes its report 'Nature-based solutions: rhetoric or reality?'
27 January 2022
Net Zero Shipping: How can international shipping decarbonise?
The Environmental Audit Committee holds an evidence session examining how the shipping sector can decarbonise.
20 January 2022
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What role can Scotland play in the UK hydrogen economy?
The Scottish Affairs Committee launches a new inquiry considering hydrogen and carbon capture in Scotland.
06 January 2022
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