Title Date
No escape from benefit cap for 82% of affected households 12.03.2019
Youth Select Committee: Government responds to Inquiry into 'patchy' work experience 18.02.2019
Four short debates in the Lords 18.12.2018
Lords debates challenges facing young people 14.12.2018
Lords debates increase in violent crime 30.11.2018
Lords debates funding for schools 30.11.2018
Youth Select Committee launches report calling on Government to take action on ‘unequal’ work experience opportunities 12.11.2018
Government must urgently reassess sanctions regime 06.11.2018
Is Universal Credit working for disabled people? 04.07.2018
Youth Select Committee 2018 to question experts on access to work experience 02.07.2018
Lords debates 150th anniversary of the Trade Union Congress 15.06.2018
Human rights experts and Ministers questioned on sexual harassment 13.06.2018
Employers questioned on sexual harassment in the workplace 23.05.2018
Youth Select Committee 2018 calls for evidence on barriers to work experience 16.05.2018
Work and Pensions and BEIS Committees publish report on Carillion 16.05.2018
Lords considers Unpaid Work Experience (Prohibition) Bill 27.04.2018
Lords considers Family Relationships (Impact Assessment and Targets) Bill 27.04.2018
Minister questioned on Universal Credit and domestic abuse 24.04.2018
Committee questions Ministers on Universal Credit 24.01.2018
Recruitment and re-skilling of older workers examined 24.01.2018