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Training news from UK Parliament.

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An image representing technical and skills training.
Skills and Post-16 Education Bill completes passage through Parliament
Members accept Commons disagreement on powers of the Institute for Apprenticeships and Technical Education in relation to withdrawal of level three courses. Catch up
08 April 2022
Professional Qualifications Bill completes passage through parliament
Members consider Commons changes on consultation with devolved authorities. Catch up
06 April 2022
Four short debates in the Lords
Members discuss Taiwan democracy, new peerages, Northern Ireland and older workers. Catch up
04 March 2022
‘A public services workforce fit for the future’ – peers launch new inquiry
New 'Designing a public services workforce fit for future' inquiry launched.
24 January 2022
Do post-16 qualifications prepare young people for the future world of work?
The Education Committee launches an inquiry into post-16 qualifications for young people
23 November 2021
An image representing technical and skills training.
Lords debates private members’ bills at second reading
Members discuss proposed laws on employment rights for workers, state school assemblies and entry into the UK for refugee family members. Learn more
13 September 2021
Lords debates levelling up of opportunities for children
Members debate the education and health of children of the UK affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Catch up
18 June 2021
Can green jobs support Net Zero Britain ambitions while building back better from coronavirus?
Committee launch new inquiry into Green Jobs
17 November 2020
Committee holds session on support for people claiming benefits
Committee to hold a session on the experiences of people claiming benefits for the first time
17 November 2020
PM pressed to address “inflexible” levy to boost creative industry apprenticeships
Committee writes to the Prime Minister on the Apprenticeship Levy
05 October 2020
Committee examines adult skills and lifelong learning
Education Committee explores the need to successfully implement immediate strategies for Covid-19 recovery
18 September 2020
Lords debates educational opportunities
Members focus on children from working class backgrounds
06 March 2020
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Statement as Government announce Higher Technical Education reform
Government announces proposals for Higher Technical Qualifications
08 July 2019
Total results 53 (page 1 of 4)