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Training news from UK Parliament.

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Detailed check of Professional Qualifications Bill continues
Members press the government on the purpose and drafting of the bill. Find out more
23 June 2021
Lords debates levelling up of opportunities for children
Members debate the education and health of children of the UK affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Catch up
18 June 2021
Can green jobs support Net Zero Britain ambitions while building back better from coronavirus?
Committee launch new inquiry into Green Jobs
17 November 2020
Committee holds session on support for people claiming benefits
Committee to hold a session on the experiences of people claiming benefits for the first time
17 November 2020
PM pressed to address “inflexible” levy to boost creative industry apprenticeships
Committee writes to the Prime Minister on the Apprenticeship Levy
05 October 2020
Committee examines adult skills and lifelong learning
Education Committee explores the need to successfully implement immediate strategies for Covid-19 recovery
18 September 2020
Lords debates educational opportunities
Members focus on children from working class backgrounds
06 March 2020
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Statement as Government announce Higher Technical Education reform
Government announces proposals for Higher Technical Qualifications
08 July 2019
Lords debates post-18 education and funding
Members discuss review led by Philip Augar
03 July 2019
Members discuss latest employment figures
Lords debates government plans to increase employment rates
07 June 2019
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Lords debates equal opportunities for young people
Members consider quality of life
17 May 2019
Ministers to face Committee's questions on intergenerational fairness
Select Committee on Intergenerational Fairness and Provision takes evidence on Tuesday 18 December at 11.25am
14 December 2018
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Lords debates challenges facing young people
Peers discuss education, health, employment and 'generation rent'
14 December 2018
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