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Pay news from UK Parliament.

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Lords debates increasing income equality and sustainability
Impact of current health crisis under spotlight
07 May 2020
Lords examines emergency Covid-19 legislation
Coronavirus Bill becomes law
26 March 2020
Ministers from the Treasury questioned on employment support
Greg Clark MP has asked an urgent question to the Treasury on employment support during coronavirus
19 March 2020
Lords debates Spring Budget
Members discuss economy following Chancellor's statement
19 March 2020
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Lords debates future of trade unions
Peers discuss 100th anniversary of the International Labour Organisation
19 July 2019
Lords discuss inequality since financial crisis
Members debate income, wealth and living standards since 2008
14 June 2019
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National Minimum Wage naming scheme suspension questioned
Since 2013 it has been policy to name employers who break national minimum wage law
04 June 2019
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Lords debates equal opportunities for young people
Members consider quality of life
17 May 2019
House of Commons and Parliamentary Digital Service publish 2018 gender pay gap data
The House of Commons and the Parliamentary Digital Service (PDS) have today published a full Gender Pay Gap report, revealing promising figures and its continuing plans to boost diversity.
27 March 2019
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Lords EU exit regulations: 6 February
Broadcasting and employment rights on agenda
07 February 2019
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Lords debates challenges facing young people
Peers discuss education, health, employment and 'generation rent'
14 December 2018
Committee question Social Security Advisory Committee as a “matter of urgency”
Committee seeks further assurance on the status of vulnerable claimants following universal credit regulations
08 November 2018
Government must urgently reassess sanctions regime
Government must urgently re-assess "harmful and counterproductive" sanctions regime
06 November 2018
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Committee Chair comments on gender pay gap reporting requirements
Rachel Reeves MP comments on government announcement on gender pay reporting requirements
14 September 2018
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Lords debates careers education and advice
Peers consider case for high-quality advice for all students
07 September 2018
Total results 43 (page 2 of 3)