Lords debates higher education as an export

Peers consider value of HE exports to the UK economy

Youth Select Committee 2018 to question experts on access to work experience

The 2018 Youth Select Committee investigate barriers to work experience

Read more about the Youth Select Committee enquiry into work experience, and find out how you can get involved

Lords debates 150th anniversary of the Trade Union Congress

image of union members marching

Peers discuss contribution to industrial, social and political reform

Youth Select Committee 2018 calls for evidence on barriers to work experience

The 2018 Youth Select Committee meet to discuss the inquiry

Read more about this year's Youth Select Committee investigation into barriers to work experience

Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy Committee examines the gender pay gap

Committee questions companies on what action is being taken

More pay

Title Date
House of Commons and Parliamentary Digital Service publish gender pay gap data 28.03.2018
Lords examines Armed Forces (Flexible Working) Bill 26.10.2017
Government fails to act on gender pay gap recommendations 21.02.2017
Commons Private Members' Bills: 4 November 2016 04.11.2016
MPs debate on reductions to Employment Support Allowance and universal credit 03.11.2016
MPs debate Living Wage Week 27.10.2016