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Employment news from UK Parliament.

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Employment and COVID-19 inquiry launched by Lords Economic Affairs Committee
Inquiry on employment and COVID-19 launched by Lords Committee
03 August 2020
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CBI among witnesses as Peers probe COVID-19 lessons for public services
Public Services Committee talk to CBI, charities and private sector on Wednesday 24 June at 3.00pm
22 June 2020
Lords examines emergency Covid-19 legislation
Coronavirus Bill becomes law
26 March 2020
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Work and Pensions Committee questions Secretary of State on DWP response to coronavirus
Dr Thérèse Coffey MP will be questioned on how her Department is responding to the coronavirus outbreak.
20 March 2020
Ministers from the Treasury questioned on employment support
Greg Clark MP has asked an urgent question to the Treasury on employment support during coronavirus
19 March 2020
Laura Pidcock questions ministers on workers' rights after Brexit
Laura Pidcock MP has asked an urgent question on the state of workers' rights after Brexit
29 October 2019
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Lords debates future of trade unions
Peers discuss 100th anniversary of the International Labour Organisation
19 July 2019
Lords debates workplace opportunities for young people
Peers discuss the Apprenticeship Levy
05 July 2019
Lords debates post-18 education and funding
Members discuss review led by Philip Augar
03 July 2019
Members discuss latest employment figures
Lords debates government plans to increase employment rates
07 June 2019
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Lords debates equal opportunities for young people
Members consider quality of life
17 May 2019
House of Commons and Parliamentary Digital Service publish 2018 gender pay gap data
The House of Commons and the Parliamentary Digital Service (PDS) have today published a full Gender Pay Gap report, revealing promising figures and its continuing plans to boost diversity.
27 March 2019
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Statement on protection of workers after the UK's withdrawal from the EU
Business Secretary gives statement to the Commons
06 March 2019
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